Women are sexual beings, get over it

November 13, 2014

My Facebook news feed has been flooded with various articles on Kim Kardashian’s recent photo shoot for Paper Magazine where she undressed and was photographed completely nude. Few seem to be talking about the original champagne photo this shoot was modeled after and the racist and exploitative history behind it, but everyone seems to be talking about how shameful she is for posing nude because “she’s a mom.”

Now, I don’t follow Kim K. nor do I really know much about her other than she is married to Kanye West and people love to make her into an icon of sexual objectification. Let me put this simply: I don’t care how she got famous, I don’t care if she’s a mom, a nun, or a prostitute. There is no excuse for shaming her for choosing to pose nude. This is classic misogyny and is unacceptable. Women are sexual beings, just as men are, and we have the right to express our sexuality in any way we see fit. Kim Kardashian is not a “whore.” She is a woman. A woman deserving of respect regardless of if you approve of her choices.

I think some of the worst comments I saw on the photos were “shame on Kanye for allowing her to do this” and “Her so called husband didn’t do his job in protecting her…” Excuse me? Kanye does not own her, and it is not his job to “protect” her from making her own choices or expressing her sexual self. It is his job to treat her with respect and love her (whether he does those things, I don’t know, but that’s another argument).

To criticize Kim Kardashian or ANY woman, famous or not, for posing nude or having sex (on or off camera) or otherwise doing anything that displays their sexuality is sexist, it is reprehensible, and blatant sex-shaming. Celebrities get the worst of it. We need to stop this constant barrage of attacks on female sexuality. Being sexual is HEALTHY. And if you don’t like someone posing nude, don’t look. It’s that simple. The idea that a woman is only of value if she is “pure” or hides her sexuality is based on a false morality designed to control women. Values do not equal religious mortality.

3 Responses to “Women are sexual beings, get over it”

  1. Yeats Says:

    Kim had sex on video for monetary gain( ie, career advancement.) Sex in exchange for monetary gain is prostitution.


  2. Maria Says:

    I bet a person like yourself doesn’t even believe asexuality is real. And yes, I’m jealous that you get to enjoy the most amazing thing while I’ve never experienced an orgasm with a man and lost all interest in popping birth control pills because sex wasn’t even enjoyable and those pills aren’t even safe. I’ve had sex without taking them as well and it still sucked. A bigger dick didn’t do nothing for me. So, I must be an asexual and it’s a goddamn curse.. but also a blessing. I don’t have to worry about stds or getting pregnant. I don’t have to worry about someone murdering me or secretly filming me. I don’t have to waste my time on dating sites. I don’t have to shave anything. I don’t have to buy sexy lingerie….


    • sexologyblog Says:

      Actually, I do believe that asexuality is real. I am not trying to be exclusionary in my posts, I am simply writing from my experiences and perspectives. Please don’t make assumptions about me. This post was simply trying to highlight the misogyny of stifling and controlling female sexuality.
      I am sorry you have difficulty achieving orgasm, and you may very well be asexual, but that is up to you to figure out. Asexuality differs from abstinence or sexual dysfunction. If you have a difficult time with orgasm, but WANT to be and FEEL sexual and that you want to have sex, it’s more likely you have a sexual dysfunction and should see a sex therapist. However, if sex is not something you need or want in your life, then perhaps you are asexual and your body is trying to tell you that. Asexuality is an identity. And only you can know if that identity fits you. Good luck on your journey, and I hope you better understand where I am coming from. ❤


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