My introduction to camming

August 25, 2015

I had toyed with (no pun intended) the idea of doing amateur porn a few times in my life. It has always appealed to me, and now that I have more confidence in my body, I thought now would be a great time to try it. I’ve only done a few sessions, and haven’t made a whole lot of money yet, but I am building a fan base, and so far, the experience has been very positive.

I was warned there would be trolls, that some men might criticize my body and say some nasty things. I was prepared for that. In the few sessions I have done though, only two men have insulted me, and the wonderful thing is, not only can I ban them, but for every one man who insults me, there are 20-30 men who say I am perfect, that I am a goddess, that my body is beautiful. It’s really an ego boost having so many men at once tell you you’re sexy and gorgeous and attractive.

As a feminist, I have lamented and posted about sexual harassment, and unwanted male attention, and that men say vile and disgusting things because they feel entitled to comment on my body and sometimes, to touch it. With camming though, it’s a completely different dynamic. First, I am being paid by men (and a few women, sometimes) to take off my clothes and for them to tell me how gorgeous I am. Second, the men in these chatrooms are, for the most part, very respectful. Their comments aren’t always overtly sexual. Yes, a lot of them comment on my breasts, my ass, and my body in general, but a lot of times, they just say I am beautiful, perfect, have a lovely smile, and so on. Many of these men are lonely, just looking for a pretty girl to be nice to them, and online, it’s safer, and (can be) less expensive. Some of them are just looking to get off,and that is fine too, because while they are asking (and tipping) me to take off my clothes, touch myself, spank myself, they are polite, they are kind, and they compliment me constantly. They ask me completely non-sexual questions like where I am from, what kind of tings I like to do for fun (besides in bed), they ask about my interests, what I got my degree in, about what I do for my day job. Of course, I try not to divulge too much personal info, so I bend the truth a little, but it’s interesting to me how men who have the anonymity of a keyboard are so eager to just converse with me, like a human being, to have a connection. Men who catcall are the opposite, they feed on women’s insecurities, and they feel entitled to our bodies, our spaces, and our sense of self worth. They are not respectable, nor are they complimenting anyone. But the men I entertain online, they are respectable for the most part, they are genuinely complimenting me, because they know that no matter ho many compliments they give me, I won’t take anything off or perform any requests until I see those tips. Some nights I don’t make anything, so I cut the session short, and they are understanding. But they seem to value the time I did take to interact with them, even if I never got naked because they couldn’t afford to tip me. They know I am in this for money, and know that my time is valuable, so they don’t get upset with me. Some of them even want to buy me things (most camgirls have an amazon wishlist).

There was one client, who was all roses and candy until he asked me to view his cam, and I told him I would if he tipped me. Then he asked to see my pussy and again, I told him I needed some tips to show anything. He did get angry and insulted me, so I banned him. But everyone else was apologetic, said not to listen to him, I’m perfect, and if he wanted a free show he should have gone to redtube or pornhub.

I really think I could do this full-time, and I think if I really committed to it, I would make a lot of money, possibly more than I make in my day job. It’s definitely something I am considering, because I actually really like it. I surprised myself with how comfortable I am on camera, even completely naked, even masturbating. Maybe it is because I can’t see who is watching unless I want to, or maybe it’s because I decide what I am comfortable doing, but I find the whole experience very empowering. I may have found something that I can really be happy doing, odd as it sounds. I don’t feel ashamed, in fact, I’ve told my mother, all of my friends, and a couple of coworkers about it. I have nothing to be ashamed of. I’m not doing this out of desperation (not that anyone who does should be ashamed), or because I was coerced or pressured. I decided to do it, on my own terms. I am very lucky to know someone who has done it who has helped me to get started, because honestly, one of the reasons I hadn’t sooner was because I had no idea where or how to start. But I am getting the swing of things.

I will be posting more about my experiences in this en devour, and look forward to writing some interesting stories.